Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010


there was a new thrill in my heart
I found a shady place
I saw in depth
I figure what I need to find
and that smile
me looking at your beautiful eyes

I doubt the wonderful statement you said
too sweet for me to enjoy
you enter the sides of life
slowly but surely
you cultivate a new story
but I still hesitant step

you say nothing much
but the beauty reflected there
consciousness was walking along time
as time goes
I already feel the vibration
and ashamed to admit it

great expectations beautifully written in my note
but I know
your eyes speak volumes
provide shade that smile of inexpressible
but only I knew
for whom your heart is

I hope God is my witness everything
that will keep me
and the patient was in the pen My life is still blurry
and I do not know
what will be written in it
I hope that hope is in the hands

and we can travel together
through distance and time range of existing
we shall see in reality
that this story would not have eaten away the time

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