Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010


life is a journey
where there are tears and laughter
where there is sweat and hard work

life is a struggle
where there is extra energy
to make it so successful struggle

life is a reality
where if there is a mirage
just take a lesson

give a free lesson in life for us

to our shared
for us to enjoy together
for we had together

holding hands
pass through this river of life
past the tiny waves of the river of life

but when we followed it
banks enjoy
enjoy the sunshine that beamed from the sidelines dedauanan ...

we saw in the middle of a struggle sweat
tears amid hardships
a speck of hope
that emanated from the Creator of this universe
and he was the one who will determine
who the winner in the ring
this journey of life

and look at this world
Let the world see the beauty that God created this
be a free school
for residents of this nature

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