Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

beauty of the meaning of love

Love is not just a word
which makes us feel good
Love also brought us the devastation in
Love is not just knitting vocabulary
Who only see the happy and sad silence was
Love is great significance
When we learn to share with each other
Love it would be more meaningful if we learn
appreciate what it means sacrifice
But if the sacrifice was only a figment
and only required to tears
Love will lose the real meaning
Love is not just sweet words
which came out in the form of love tunes
but beautiful knit dalamm deepest recesses
see the smiles and happy
we both see the sacrifice
is something precious in this life
The world will see
Love the real beauty
and we prove that love is still there
not for mere sadness
But the happiness it will be adorned and beautifully painted
in the brush, the Creator


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