Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

my dark cloud

i never know about my future
day by day not same like i dream
to step a way in my life im scare
i dont know whaT happen with me
learn what God want
sometimes make me tired
but i must be strong to be my kids
no one person in the world can stop me
i walking in the dark night
n i'll never something interest
but God say i hv to walk
like or not
because He always be with me
no one can protec me like Him
But im tired
God ..plizz give the good change story my life
i hope n im wait
Just smile
that's it
im walking again
n im not thingking anything
just walk n run
until my tears not in my eyes again
coz i know
in my future God keep special day for me

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