Rabu, 03 November 2010


LOVE is the mystery which from the first that no one can guess with whom we fall in love
LOVE is a gift which is mainly given to men but sometimes we misinterpret the feeling that love.
LOVE is the admiration of the beauty and joy of a feeling that can not be carved in oak
LOVE is the feeling that we share, love one another, accept each other, exchanging thoughts no lie and most of all open with each other honestly.
LOVE is a feeling of loss when our soul mate is not on our side.
LOVE is where happiness and sadness together we can endure until the end of life

Is this all to happen now?

in fact love is just a great dissension and hostility.
which is not really necessary because love conquers all.
However, if no crystal ball can be sustained this life let him roll without any defects and an endless slander.
Leave the stain and rangkailah beauty back. Now behold that Love will give a different flavor. And it might be more meaningful and alive that sense of belonging.

Because LOVE is like drama of life and no one can know with whom and how we fall in love ....

Sometimes a pass like the wind at night
moment that he passed and disappeared

just enjoy what is felt, look at the way it is sweet and gentle greet your heart and life ..


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