Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

little note 2

When my eyes are in the ocean of your eyes
I Leave my heart in your diary
across the ocean sea life
I put my head in your chest
I reach for happiness with you in the cage tonight
God only knows how many and we missed the full moon
laughing and joking with the smile of happiness ...
-grated grated eroded by which you planted wounds in my heart
although not visible with the invisible
Apparently it had been engraved in the heart
how happiness is just owned myself
I just wanted to ask on the moon
asked the crow who fly from one island to another
asked sun every morning came to visit
asked the swaying grass
the flowers in the garden
Will they find love?
I just wanted to ask where it goes?

Without I think my tears fall
I was busy looking for heart pieces
yanh broken
However, he
busy looking for their identity
eventually I lost everything
grated it can not be polished again
the wound can not be in the drug again
only a fragment of it remains a bitter tale story
And I beg you stop.
I'm going to go far, fly with flowers scattered weeds
find a new place ...
in which none who knew me
I'll rearrange the remaining pieces of liver
to me more like a jug shape is formed into a beautiful vase
so everyone can see my carvings
still the same as previously
pure as the Lord wanted

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